Online Blackjack UK


Questions about blackjack, our website, etc.

Are these casinos regulated?

To accept players from the United Kingdom, a casino must be licensed. All of the casinos that we feature on this website are licensed.

What are the different versions of blackjack?

Historically there have been different versions of blackjack based on the casino that you visit and the city that you are in. For example Las Vegas rules is the most commonly known version, but there is also Atlantic City, as well as many other versions of this game. The different rules affect your odds of winning. For instance Atlantic City offers the late surrender option, where you can surrender near the end of your game if you suspect that the dealer has BJ. In this case you will automatically lose half of your bet.

Is this safe?

We only recommend casinos that have been around for at least 5 years, have a history of fast payments, offer authentic blackjack, and offer responsive customer service.

Can I win real money?

Yes, if you choose to play for real money you can certainly win real money. Some of the jackpots have millions in pounds waiting to be won.

Who owns this website?

We are a couple that lives in Liverpool, and while we are not card sharks, we certainly try to be.